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Editing and translation for academics and researchers



Editing and translation for academics and researchers

Proper English AB has more than 20 years of experience of editing and translating academic texts for Scandinavian universities. We use a team of experienced and highly educated language experts, most of whom have been working with us since the very start. We pride ourselves on our core of returning customers who appreciate working with the same editor or translator on every job.


English language editing

Swedish researchers publish to a large extent their results in international journals. Before publication of scientific articles, a language review by someone with experience of academic texts and good knowledge of the English language is needed. All our language reviewers are professional editors, native English speakers and specialized in various subject areas. Attach your text to an email and we will specify the time and price.

Swedish translation

Om du skriver på svenska och vill ha din artikel eller rapport på engelska så har vi professionella översättare som har engelska som modersmål. De har mångårig erfarenhet av att översätta texter inom olika forskningsområden.


Proper English AB translates all types of academic documents. Our translators have experience from a broad spectrum of scientific and scholarly fields.

Send us an email with the text you want translated as an attached document. We’ll check the text and reply quickly with a price and time offer. We always ask to see a document to make a price estimate. The amount of work required for translation can vary depending on the subject matter and difficulty of the text.

While the translation is being worked on, we will contact you with any questions clarifications we might need addressed. Translations are retuned with a list of notes and comments from the translator.

You are welcome to follow up with questions and clarifications.

About us

Proper English AB provides language editing services in every academic and professional field. Our co-workers are professional native English speaking editors with considerable experience of working with academic and scientific texts.